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Muslims consider it a sacred duty to acquire education and use the acquired knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Acquiring knowledge in Islam is obligatory on every man and woman. Religion affirms the right to education for all, regardless of gender, and the Quran and Hadith emphasize that both men and women should increase their knowledge and be educated. Education and acquisition of knowledge are essential features in Islam’s vision of a good society. No society can develop without educated people.

Allah has blessed us with two things: the Quran and the Ahl al-Bayt a.s. When the children are small, our mothers teach them the manners of Ahl al-Bayt a.s from her lap and when the children grow up, Minbar e Hussain a.s fulfills the duty of acquiring knowledge. Learning the Quran not only improves the worldly life of a Muslim but also provides guidelines for success in the Hereafter. Imamia Online Academy provides Shia Quran education to both children and adults globally.

How important Shia Quran education is in the light of hadiths:

Education is the way to sharpen your intellect and mental abilities. But it is important for Shia Muslims to get Shia education only for the sake of Allah. It is mentioned in a hadith that:

“Whoever seeks knowledge that should be sought for the sake of Allah Almighty, but only to gain some worldly benefit, he will never know the fragrance of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection.”

Acquiring and disseminating beneficial knowledge is equally important. This hadith narrated here describes the role of teachers and the importance of fulfilling their duties.

“Whoever is asked for knowledge and he conceals it, Allah will clothe him with a bridle of fire on the day of Resurrection.”

Our Shia online Quran academy fulfills its teaching duties by spreading Shia Quran Education to as many students as possible. Shia Quran Education Online feature is available for all Muslims living in areas with internet access for Quran education.

Access to Shia Education without discrimination:

In Arabia, before Islam, there was only discrimination and caste was given importance. When our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came to this world, he ended this distinction until the declaration of prophet hood. There is a famous hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh):

“A Muslim is a Muslim brother”.

Imamia Quran Center believes that education is for everyone، without discrimination on the basis of age, color, sex, etc. Shia online teachers trained as experts should spread quality Shia Education to all groups. These groups include all ages and both genders.

How important Shia education is for both Kids and Adults:

Properly scheduled Quran Classes arranged Quran lessons, and hiring a personal  Quran tutor for kids or females is also available to ensure proper Online Quran Education. A child will gain proper Shia Quran Education for Kids as is provided in established Quran Centers but via virtual mode. Instead of being time-bound and physically traveling to a specific location, students get the full educational experience through Online Shia Quran Education for Adults.

Is it possible to access Shia Quran education Globally ?

Worldwide distribution characterizes this entire educational experience, not confining it to a particular area. Countries with fewer or no Quran Centers and Muslim minority areas will also have access to Quranic education. Shia Quran Students living in the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, etc. can easily access this Online Imamia Quran Institute.

Imamia Academy has understood the true meaning of the world as a global village. Academy has Shia Quran Education Online for the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia. They have connected teachers and students for Islamic teachings from farther lands. To experience authentic Quranic education, Imamia Quran Academy is the best and most authentic platform.

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