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Education is the basic right and necessity of every child by birth. Similarly, Islam has stressed this basic right to seek education. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) was sent as a teacher for the purpose, to guide Muslims toward the right path. He undoubtedly was the best teacher. To acquire the Education in Quran is a religious duty of every Muslim. Imamia Online Shia Academy helps to fulfill this religious obligation by providing Online Shia Quran Classes globally to both kids and adults. This Shia Quran Online Teaching facility can be reached with the help of Skype. Students can get real attention from Quran tutors through live sessions so that they can understand Quran lessons well. In this age of online where everything is online, our center provides Shia Classes from around the world for Shia families.

How Shia Quran Classes Online are needed in this era?

Shia online academy is working day and night to meet the emerging needs of the hour to conduct  Classes. He believes that Shia Quran Classes Online should proceed like traditional secular education. The Online Shia Quran Classes were held virtually through platforms such as Skype, Whatsapp, Google Meet and Zoom. The teachers and students faced a rapid technological shift. People chose online classrooms over conventional classrooms, and even though this method was swiftly introduced, it soon became familiar to everyone. Companies and educational institutions are nowadays, keenly thinking about shifting their traditional methods into virtual ones. This not only makes the working environment and working hours convenient but also conserves energy and resources. Online Quran Classes via Skype Quran Classes is also ensuring convenience for students.

Shia Quran Classes for all  ages:

Our Center provides various platforms for  Shia Quran classes like Skype, Zoom and Google Meet and trains teaching staff specifically to teach a specific class. The schedule of the classes differs for various age groups and genders to guarantee the comfort and privacy of the students. The academy hires teachers with training to handle every age group.

How can kids and adults join our Online Shia classes?

The kids can now have Online Shia Quran Classes for Kids from teachers who are trustworthy and dedicated to their work. An online platform ensures authentic Shia Quran education to students even if they are living in non-Muslim majority countries, using applications such as Skype to teach everything from the basics to proper Quran with Tajweed and Tafseer of the Quran.

Remarkable Islamic Scholars from the Imamia online institution connect with students from all across the globe to inculcate true Islamic teachings in the scheduled Online Shia Quran Classes for Adults. Moreover, the teaching staff here undeniably is the most brilliant ones who not only are excellent themselves but also believe in passing on their excellence to diligent students. Skype as an online platform is aiding our Center in the fulfillment of this noble cause.

People from all over the world can join our Shia Quran Classes:

Our Academy is an online facility to seek Quranic Educational services. All those students who are unable to study the Holy Quran due to remoteness can fulfill this dream with our Shia Quran classes. Following the trend of learning various subjects online, people can learn authentic Quran translation, Tajweed and Tafseer. The availability of online video call applications all over the world including Skype has made this task easier. Teachers of Online Quran Institute are also using this online mode of teaching to spread knowledge.

1. How does our academy provide Shia Quran classes for US-based Shia students?

The Imamia Quran Academy conducts Shia Quran Classes Online in the USA which is accessible worldwide. Students who are citizens of the USA or merely residing there temporarily or USA citizens, living somewhere else can have easy access to these Online Quran classes easily.  Shia Quran Students in the USA can have Shia Quranic Education now available with just one click by authentic Quran teachers.

2. How does our academy provide Shia Quran classes for UK-based Shia students?

British English-speaking Shia students now have a chance to learn Quran from skilled Shia Quran British teachers online. This is an opportunity to learn that should not be missed under any circumstances. The availability of Skype in the UK can lead you to the world of online learning with one tap at your own feasible and comfortable time and place. Shia Quran Classes Online UK is for British students to be guided by the Quran while living in this environment.

3. Shia Canadians can also join our Shia Quran Classes:

Online Shia Quran classes in Canada are scheduled according to Canadian time and conducted by highly qualified teaching staff, available not only for private tutoring classes but also for traditional lectures on Quran lessons.

4. Australian Shia people can also start Shia Quran classes from our platform:

The Shia Quran Classes Online Australia are easily accessible for Australian students too. Thus, All Shia Quran students who are citizens of Australia can join these classes. All the hardworking and dedicated teaching staff has made this online feature possible.

5. Shia people in Germany can also benefit from our Shia Quran classes:

Today, there are Shia families in almost every country in the world, but there are very few institutes for Shia children to educate them. Therefore, Imamia Institute wants to extend its services to Shia families living in every corner of the world. German Shia Quran students can also access Online Shia Quran classes in Germany. Furthermore, the availability of Shia Quran teachers and the schedule of classes adapt to the availability of students.

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