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Imamia Quran Academy is an institute for Quran Education. They have trained teaching staff along with renowned Islamic Scholars for a better understanding of the Quran. Our Institute follows this Hadith: "The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it." This is an institute that is destined to provide quality and authentic Shia Online Quran Education...

Online Shia Quran Academy

Online Shia Quran Academy

Learning Quran for Shia students globally has become more accessible through the learning facility of Imamia Quran Academy. We provide services in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and western countries. This Online Shia Quran Academy is an Online Ahle Tashi Institute that has all the features of traditional madrasahs including the teaching of an authentic understanding of the Quran. Online Shia Quran Center provides the best learning experience through its highly qualified teachers who are graduates in various fields of knowledge. Shia Quran Madrasa is a convenient and reliable learning resource for people of all genders and ages making it the first choice of Ahle Tashi Quran students.

What is the purpose of our Shia Quran Academy?

Every Academy can provide you Quran education. Our aim is to expose children to the teachings of the Quran and the lives of the Ahl al-Bayt a.s and Imams, so you can learn all the sciences from our highly qualified teachers who focus on the life of Ahl al-Bayt a.s.We teach the children along with the Quran the following things that Shia children are entitled to.
Ahle Tashi Tafaseer, Nahj al-Balagha, History of Karbala, Zeyart e Warsa, Zeyart e Ashoro and Specific problems of girls are also under the supervision of  Females Teachers.

How to Join Online Shia Quran Academy?

In this modern age where everything has adapted itself keeping in mind the requirements of the modern age. Modern and progressive online teaching and learning techniques have taken Quranic education to the next level. The process of taking classes at our academy is so easy that people of all ages can benefit from it. Students across the world can be benefited from this learning procedure. Online Shia Quran Academy elementary education begins with the basic Quran, which will make reading very easy. Additionally, Online Quran Academy provides all teaching by certified professional teachers. Thus, joining Quran Academy Online will be suitable and beneficial for every learner.

Why is it important to choose Online Shia Quran Center?

It is very difficult to find a good Online Shia Quran Center with Ahle Tashi Scholars abroad except in Muslim or especially Shia majority countries. Fortunately, Imamia Center has realized this need and has launched the Shia Online Quran Center. Our Center provides you Ahle Tashi Quranic education by the best scholars. In addition, translation and authentic Tafseer courses are available for online users. Online users will be provided with the authentic experience of a regular Quran Center without being physically present in certain premises. Imamia Quran Center connects students virtually from all over the world including countries with less or no Ahle Tashi population or Shia Quran Centers.

What is the role of Online Shia Quran Institute in education?

Our Quran Institute is a comprehensive institution with full fledged facilities regarding Shia Quran Learning. We have highly qualified male and female scholars for the convenience of all types of learners. Meanwhile, the teaching staff includes male and female teachers from countries all over the world to engage and facilitate users from different countries. Online Shia Quran Institute has all the necessities for exceptional Online Quran Learning. An established system of Quranic teaching and lessons with trained teaching staff greatly enhances the learning experience. Moreover, Ahle Tashi Quran student is free to choose the timings of classes, lecturers and tutors according to their feasibility and availability to learn Quran. Online Learning mode efficiently saves time and money spent over conveyance and physical going to any conventional shia Quran Institute.

Development of Shia Madrassa in the field of Quranic education:

In this age where everything has become online, we thought that where there are thousands of academies of other religions, we should also have a center, keeping this need in mind; we founded Imamia Quran Academy Online. Online Shia Madrasa has enabled students to grasp and learn Quran knowledge via one click. It includes the basic beliefs of the Shias, the history of Islam, Nahj al-Balagha and the prayers of other imams such as (Sahifa Sajjadiya). Online Shia Madrasa selects highly qualified Quran teachers, keeping in mind the ages of kids and adults, who teach kids and adults Quranic education as well as their beliefs, spirituality and worldly life. Our Quran Madrasa Online is second to none in providing education to Ahle Tashi women’s. So our center has selected Ahle Tashi Female Quran teacher with higher education from Madrasas.

Why is there a need for Shia Madrasas around the world?

The Madrasa system is an old yet worthy trust system for Quranic education. In the modern era, where immense social and technological advancements can be seen, the human race suffers from major compromises over authenticity. Consequently, The emerging need for technological advancements in the field of education globally has affected the quality of education badly. There are many online educational institutes available nowadays but among these madrassas you will find very few institutes which are reliable. In this scenario, one can never compromise over the authenticity of Quranic Education. But our Shia Madrasa has made a unique name in the world in the teaching of Quran in a few years.

Shia Quran Academies Virtual Services Span Across Continents:

Imamia Quran Academy has solved this issue of authenticity and reliability, especially for Shia Quran learners. Our Academy , a leading Online Shia Academy in the USA, offers exceptional virtual services that are accessible to anyone worldwide. Ahle Tashi Quran Academy online is a secure and reputable platform for kids and adults to learn and memorize the Quran. It offers comprehensive translation and interpretation of the Holy Quran, taught by highly skilled and experienced Quranic teachers.

Secure Quranic Education For Both Kids And Adults:

Shia Quran Academy for Kids is an interactive learning system designed to promote a deeper understanding of Islam and Quran among kids through educational resources. The Shia Quran Academy for Adults offers a comprehensive and accessible system, providing instruction and resources to promote Shia Islam and deepen understanding of the Quran.

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